Cooking Tips and Tricks

How to prevent green chili to splatter in hot oil?

Add pinch of salt in hot oil before adding green chili.

How to make pakoras/fitters crispy?

Add little oil in the pakora batter to make it crispy.

What is your favorite trick cutting onion without tears?

Before cutting onion, leave whole onion in water for sometime.

How to boil egg that peels easily?

While boiling egg add pinch of salt. It helps to peel off the shell easily.

How to remove dirt from cauliflower florets?

Add vinegar in water and leave cauliflower florets for sometime. It will help to remove dirt.

How to prevent okra / bhindi from sticking to the knife while cutting?

Rub lemon the knife before cutting okra. Okra (bhindi) will not stick to the knife.

How to use whey of paneer?

Use whey for making dough of chapatti. Chapatti will be soft and tasty. You can also use whey for making chenna.

How to prevent milk from overflowing & not to stick to the bottom of the pan?

When boiling milk, grease ghee at the edges of the vessel to prevent overflow and add 2 tbsp of water in the pan to prevent from sticking.

How to make kachori crispy?

Add milk to the dough. Kachori will be crispy.

How to make soft and fluffy omelet?

Add a tablespoon of milk in the batter and whisk properly.

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